coincidence detector google chrome

coincidence detector google chrome

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Yesterday, Mic reported that a Google Chrome extension called "Coincidence Detector" was creating a database of Jewish people in order to . "Coincidence Detector" encases Jewish names in three sets of parentheses — i.e., (((Fleishman))) — on web pages. Coincidence Detector used multiple brackets around a user's name to identify them as Jewish. The Coincidence Detector detected based on a regularly updated database of names. The browser extension had a White Supremacist user base and following. The Google Chrome online "coincidence detector" that led to anti-semitic abuse. Following a detailed investigation by Mic, Google has pulled a Chrome extension that was used by racists to identify and track Jewish people . 'Coincidence Detector' plugin automatically highlighted Jewish names, among them Bernie Sanders and Benjamin Netanyahu. Update: Google confirmed that on Thursday evening, after Mic published this story, the Coincidence Detector app was removed from the . A Google Chrome plugin with the seemingly innocent name of "Coincidence Detector" has one sole purpose: compiling and exposing the . "Coincidence Detector" singled out Jewish people online by putting three sets of parentheses around their names. It compiled the list of names by .


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